Straight Ahead Deer Drag

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Introducing your new favorite hunting accessory - invented right here in small-town USA! This two-in-one design enables you to drag your deer out with ease - hands free! - and hang it up to wash and air, all while using the same drag!

We've all been there - you spend a long day of hunting, trekking through the woods to reach that sweet hunting spot far from civilization or tracking a bow-kill through the brush. You've finally got him and now you're faced with the hard part - dragging that big boy back to the truck or cabin. While deer-drags have been on the market for years, you've never seen one quite like this.

The Straight Ahead™ Deer Drag features a truly unique funnel design that slides over the nose of the deer, to prevent it from dragging in the dirt or getting hung up on brush or logs, and keeps that monster rack from getting beat up! Simply attach the steel eye bolt into your harness, or attach to your ATV. Then pull straight ahead, and your deer will follow directly behind you - whether it's a doe or a mature buck. You'll feel confident knowing that you have complete control of the deer's head and what direction you are dragging it out. Once you're safely back in camp, use the steel eye bolt to secure your deer to your hanger. The thick, nylon thread and 1.5" webbing provides maximum dragging and hanging capacity.

We guarantee you'll love it!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review