Handmade Solid Wood Trays - Laptop Stands

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Product Overview

These beautiful, high-quality trays are handmade from Missouri wood. Perfect for dinner in front of the television or breakfast in bed. Features built-in handles for easy carrying. Reverse side is designed for use with your laptop computer - it even has a raised edge so that your computer and mouse stay put. Available in walnut, oak, cedar and walnut-oak combo. Because each tray is made by hand, expect variations in color, wood grains and finish. Dimensions: 19.5" x 11" x 3"  Allow 2 weeks for shipping.

About the Artist:  

John Schleeter, the artist who created these beautiful products, is a retired Army veteran. After graduating West Point in 1984, he spent 22 years in active, National Guard, and Army Reserves, retiring as a Lt. Colonel. During his career he served in South Korea, Fort Lewis, Operation Desert Storm, and the Pentagon on Army staff. Apart from the military, he has spent extensive time in the computer industry, and performing military analyst work. John’s love of woodworking began as a high school student and has now become a means of relaxation and entertainment as he designs and develops furniture pieces that solve real-life human needs. In addition to these lap trays, which have multiple purposes, he has built a china hutch, a cedar slab coffee table, candle holders, and a variety of other pieces. While some of the pieces have plans, many are developed with a single-purpose design and are not found in any furniture establishment. John’s originality is only limited by the need in front of him and the time available to complete the project. These unique Trays double as a Laptop Stand, just turn them over and the Laptop goes on top and the key board slides neatly underneath.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review