Handmade Paracord Necklaces

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Product Overview

Handmade in the USA - Central Missouri, to be exact! Classic & functional paracord necklaces in a variety of colors, designs and lengths. Contains up to 8’ of paracord that can be unraveled to use in an emergency. Black plastic clasp, 3/4"width.

Don't see one that strikes your fancy? We accept custom orders as well! Contact us by email at kforce@LuckySnipe.com or by phone at 573-289-1977 to discuss your custom order. Please note, these necklaces are handmade to your specifications. Orders typically ship within 3-5 days after you place your order.

FOR SINGLE COLOR NECKLACES: If you want a necklace that is all one color, then select the same color for "Color1 " and "Color 2." 

NECKLACE LENGTH: To determine the length you want, measure around your neck and determine how low you want the necklace to hang, or measure your favorite necklace. If you need a length that is not shown, please send an email to kforce@LuckySnipe.com.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review