Handmade Concealed-Carry Leather Holsters by Wild Webb LeatherWorks

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Custom-Made Item - Allow 60-90 Days for Shipping

Product Overview

Unique, handmade, all-leather holsters in a variety of designs. Can be custom made to fit nearly any handgun! Allow 60-90 days lead time for your individual order to be crafted. Be sure to provide your telephone number and email address with your order so we can verify the model of the gun you wish to carry and other particulars of your order.

Designs shown: Gadsden Snake, 1776 - III 

About the Artist:   Webb Keller is a disabled Army vet whose specialty was Explosive Ordnance Disposal, disarming unexploded ordnance and IEDs. Webb picked up leatherwork as a hobby several years and has become especially gifted at his self-taught craft!  All items are handmade - start to finish - by Webb in his garage shop in Northeast Washington. He uses cowhide tooling leather hand-cut to fit a Blue Gun mold of the desired firearm to ensure a precisely-fitted holster. The leather pieces are decorated, colored and hand-sewn. Next he applies six coats of a protective coating on the holster, allowing each coat to dry before the next is applied. The holster is buffed to a shine after the third and fifth coats and buffed to a high shine after applying the final protective coat. Webb then does a "wet stretch" of the holster, wetting the inside of the holster, placing the mold weapon inside, and allowing it to dry for a period of days. Ultimately the holster dries formed to the shape of the firearm, so it fits snugly and securely inside, without a thumb break or a keeper. If you need to pull your weapon, it will clear easily, and when you put the weapon back into the holster, you will hear it pop back into place.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review