Lethal Lace Women's Universal Conceal Carry Holster

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Product Overview

LETHAL LACE™ is a patent-pending universal concealed-carry gun holster designed especially for women.  After struggling to find a holster that would meet her needs, the inventor designed Lethal Lace to meet every woman’s need.  The Lethal Lace wrap system works with virtually any gun, all body shapes and sizes, and all sorts of clothing – from medical scrubs to your favorite jeans to that little black dress.  The material is very high quality elastic lace that will last for many years.  So no matter where you want to carry, or if you change guns, or lose weight or gain weight or change clothes – Lethal Lace is the only holster you will ever need! One size fits all – XS to XL. 

Currently available in Pink.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review