Super Charged® Scrape-Dripper Combo with Hot-Scrape®

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Product Overview

The Super Charged Scrape-Dipper smart dispenser keeps a scrape fresh and working to lure in the big one!  Hang on a tree limb near your favorite spot.  Drips daytime only, to get the bucks to come in while you're in the woods, and gradually intensifies scent to get them really riled up. Dispenses a whopping 4 oz. of scent, over 7-12 days, depending on weather conditions. Normally shuts down when temperatures drop at night and during rain & bad weather to save your valuable scent. No batteries required. Comes with a 4 oz. bottle of Hot-Scrape, a Premium Synthetic Scent from Wildlife Research Center. This full-spectrum Scrape Formula features subtle fresh-scraped earth tones and Territorial Musk, to hit many appeals.  Really heats up natural or mock scrapes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review