LadderFlauge Tree Stand Concealment System

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$5.99 - $99.99

Product Overview

Introducing LADDERFLAUGE - a patented system for concealing your tree stand. Hunting deer from above is the best way to go, because it's harder for them to spot you. But the eyesore ladder that you use to get up into your tree stand can be a dead giveaway.  Don't let the big one get away simply because he spotted your stand! 

LADDERFLAUGE camouflages the rungs of your tree stand ladder, making it less likely you'll be spotted. Designed for use on ladders with standard square 1-inch side rails, but the channels can be adapted to fit other types & sizes of ladder rails. The channels attach securely to the ladder legs of your tree stand using sturdy zip ties, and the leaves are then attached to the channel by inserting the stems into the pre-cut holes. Available in a variety of sizes to fit just about any stand configuration.

  • 16-ft Complete Kit (includes everything you need to cover a 16-ft ladder): 8 side rail channels (2-ft each), 80 sprigs of leaves & 24 zip-ties
  • 12-ft Complete Kit (includes everything you need to cover a 12-ft ladder): 6 side rail channels (2-ft. each), 60 sprigs of leaves & 18 zip-ties
  • 8-ft Climber Stand Kit (includes everything you need to cover a 8-ft ladder): 4 side rail channels (2-ft. each), 40 sprigs of leaves & 12 zip-ties
  • Also available for purchase:  Sprigs of Leaves (10-packs) and Zip-Ties (6-packs)


"Just remember where you put it!"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review