The Vulcan Bundle

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Product Overview

Introducing the ultimate solution for keeping your valuables safe on the go! Our headrest safe is discreet, secure, and perfect for storing your belongings while you're on the road. Say goodbye to worrying about theft and hello to peace of mind with our innovative headrest safe. Get yours today and travel with confidence!
You will recieve 2 matching headrests.  The passenger headrest will have the safe with easy access for the driver.  Just like you, we at The Headrest Safe, are concerned with the security of our firearms and valuables in our vehicles. That is why we have designed secure, invisible, lockable, storage for your vehicle. Our headrest safe hides in plain sight. No one pays attention to a headrest and that is what makes our product so unique. Our products are designed as true automotive components. You do not need any tools, cable locks or cable tethers; nothing to hint at the fact of a hidden safe in your vehicle. No modifications that negatively impact your trade in value. In fact, our safe provides additional storage area in your vehicle. 

Key features of The Headrest Safe include: 

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Universal fit to most two-post headrest systems
  • Steel lock opens with biometrics, keypad or a hard key
  • Locks into seat to prevent theft
  • Heavy duty 18 gauge steel safe
  • 16-gauge steel safe door
  • All automotive grade components
  • Safety tested to FMVSS 202a standards
  • Available in leatherette; black, tan, dark or light gray
  • Available in cloth; black, charcoal, dark or light gray
  • Installs on the passenger seat for easy access by the driver
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Concerned about matching your interior. Order a swatch and see for yourself.

The Headrest Safe

3 Steps Away from Safety and Security

Step 1: Order

Don’t put yourself through the guilt and regret of not having a secure place to store your valuables or firearms in your vehicle.

Step 2: Install

You're one step closer to having the best of both worlds in terms of safety and quick access. As soon as you receive The Headrest Safe™, you can easily install it yourself.

Step 3: Relax

You can take your firearm, cash, medications, and more with you in your vehicle and relax knowing it will stay out of the hands of kids, valets, or intruders.

The Headrest Safe™ is the standard for anti-theft vehicle safes

When it comes to carrying your valuables or firearms in your vehicle, most people feel they have to choose between safety and convenience. With The Headrest Safe™, you can have the best of both worlds. Peace of mind that it's secure and quick to access! We take safety seriously. Our products meet the standards for headrests required of the original equipment manufacturers—meaning they're just as safe as your originals. And because of its universal design, it fits almost all vehicles.

Don’t Sacrifice Safety for Convenience

Keep your valuables safe and secure with The Headrest Safe™. You may feel nervous and anxious that your valuables are at risk of being stolen when you leave your vehicle. But not with The Headrest Safe™. We give you the power to store cash, valuables, medication, a firearm, or anything else that's important to you in your vehicle—without the worry of "what if?"

A Handgun Is Stolen from a Vehicle Every 15 Minutes!

With more firearms being stolen from vehicles than anywhere else, it’s imperative to keep yours safely stored and out of sight of prying eyes. With The Headrest Safe™, you don’t have to worry about your valuable items falling into the wrong hands or your car safe being burglarized because you’re the only one who knows it’s there. When your gun is securely stored, you don’t just protect yourself and your loved ones, you protect your community, too.

Hiding Your Gun Isn't Enough

In-vehicle gun safety is more important than ever when you are temporarily unable to carry and away from home. A criminal knows exactly where to look during a smash and grab—enabling them to be in and out with your property in minutes. The Headrest Safe™ is the best in-vehicle safe on the market due to its discreet storage design and quality materials—criminals and prying eyes won’t even know there’s a safe to break into.


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