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Product Overview


Differentiating GoView Unique Design and Quality at First Glance:

  • Eye-Catching modern product design
  • New Attractive color options
  • High-Quality materials (magnesium housing)
  • Very good specs, e.g. 8X26 with 120m field of view
  • Revolutionary industry design
  • Convincing price performance with affordable prices starting at $129 (monocular)
  • Every item includes high quality accessories
    1. PORTR – modern carrying strap (ease of use)
    2. CLOSR – universal phone adapter (seamlessly connecting the analog magnification of a binocular to the digital world of your smartphone for capturing & sharing snapshots or video clips with your community)
  • What sets GOVIEW apart?
    1. Inspirational & fresh optics
    2. Overwhelming unboxing experience
    3. Customer Oriented support


Reliable comfort for when there´s nothing to watch.

  • In nature, during sports or when travelling, there are often only a few seconds to discover exciting details in the distance. Those who have to search for their binoculars in their backpacks at such moments usually miss out on the best that life has to offer. With the high-quality PORTR carrying strap and the intelligent click connection, GOVIEW ZOOMR binoculars and monocular are focused on the subject within moments. And best of all: a PORTR is included with all our GOVIEW ZOOMR products. And with its two universal clips, it is also suitable for all photographers: The strap can therefore also be used for other products - such as cameras.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review