Get Drizzled! Custom Wine Drizzle

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Get Drizzled's exclusive "Wine Drizzle" is a unique wine topping for a variety of foods, from sweet to savory.  The sweet flavors will dress up your pancakes & crepes, cream cheese, sponge or vanilla cake, ice cream, or oatmeal. The savory varieties are perfect with shrimp & other seafood, chicken, cheeses and more! Perfect as flavorful toppings, dressings, glazes and dips too.  Only your imagination will limit the uses of Get Drizzled! Wine Drizzle. Comes in a 5 bottle.  Refrigerate after opening.
All of Get Drizzled's Custom Wine Drizzles are true wine reduction sauces, which means they are non-alcoholic due to the cooking process, so anyone can enjoy them straight out of the bottle. All varieties contain arrowroot, a gluten-free thickening agent.
Available Flavors:
  • Bananas Foster (white wine, light brown sugar, banana cream pie filling, vodka) - great on ice cream or crepes!
  • Blackberry Merlot (Merlot wine, pure cane sugar, blackberries, arrowroot) - yummy on ice cream!

  • Burning Wings of Fire (white wine, mangoes &/or mango puree syrup, pure cane sugar, habanero peppers, ghost pepper) - liven up your Wings game!

  • Candy Apple (white wine, apple juice, pure cane sugar, cinnamon candy) - try it on ice cream!

  • Carolina Caramel (chardonnay, sugar, light brown sugar, caramel extract, arrowroot, Mexican vanilla, caramel sauce (high fructose corn syrup, condensed skim milk, Vitamin A, palmitate sugar, disodium phosphate, xantahm gum, salt, caramel color, yellow 5 & 6) - delicious on just about any dessert!

  • Cherries Jubilee (Merlot wine, pure cane sugar, Bing cherries, Mexican vanilla) - add some pizzazz to your ice cream or crepes!

  • Chocolate Raspberry Red Wine (red wine, raspberry puree syrup, pure cane sugar,chocolate, Mexican vanilla, Hershey's chocolate syrup (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, cocoa,sugar, & 2% or less of potassium sorbate [preservative], salt, mono and diglycerides, xantham gum, polysorbate 60, vanillin, artificial flavor) - try it on brownies or ice cream!

  • Mango Habanero (red wine, white wine, pure cane sugar,mangoes, habanero peppers (with seeds) - add a little zing to your salad!

  • Peach Jalapeno (pure cane sugar, white wine, peaches & peach juice, vinegar, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers) - drizzle over cream cheese for a quick & tasty dip!

  • Prickly Pear Jalapeno (white wine, prickly pear puree syrup, jalapenos, bell peppers, pure cane sugar, vinegar) - great for salads dressing and dips!

  • Raspberry Chipotle (white wine, raspberries &/or raspberry puree, chipotle spices, pure cane sugar) - great for everything from a cream cheese dip, to salads, to chicken & pork!

  • Strawberry Sriracha (Chambourcin wine, pure cane sugar, sriracha powder) - add a tasty kick to your salad or serve as an accompaniment to cheese & crackers!

  • This Old Boat (white wine, pure cane sugar, lemon & lime juices, parsley, garlic, red & black pepper, sea salt) - perfect for seafood or chicken!

  • White Wine Garlic (white wine, pure cane sugar, garlic, parsley, arrowroot, parmesan cheese (pasteurized part-skim milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, sea salt, cellulose powder to prevent caking, potassium sorbate.) CONTAINS MILK. Pairs well with steak, chicken, or seafood!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review